Girl Talk: Tailoring Teens For Success

When most adults talk about teenagers we have a lot of negative things to say. We comment on what they aren't doing, what they don't know, and how different they are from how we were at that age. Recently, I was blessed to spend time with the wonderful girls of the GTF, Girl Talk Foundation, INC. I... Continue Reading →


Abundant Life Creative Expressions Re-Grand Opening

There is just something about the artist district that makes me come alive! This evening I was invited to take pictures at the re-grand opening of Abundant Life Creative Expressions in NoDa (North Davidson). The institute is a community center designed to enhance physical and emotional health through creative and performing arts instruction. The night was amazing;... Continue Reading →

Common: A Lecture On Greatness

Emmett Till Amadou Diallo Sean Bell Trayvon Martin Michael Brown The aforementioned names are just a few victims that have lost their lives from violence against men of color. In a time when the country ponders the criminalization of African-American males, voices still cry out for equality and justice. Last night the Harvey B. Gantt Center featured one... Continue Reading →

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